Friday, March 6, 2020

Spring Ready!!

IT'S SPRING! ( I mean outside of " Rona " ). It's SPRING!!!!!!!
So I know it's hard to be happy about it because well #quarantine. But the truth is, nice weather is finally amongst us. And although the Winter wasn't as brutal as some of the past here in New York, I'm just happier to be closer to wearing really cute outfits that don't involve a giant coat.

I've loved fashion for a long time and this blog has been coming for a while but life happened, college happened, work happened and if we're being honest.. procrastination happened. BUT HERE WE ARE! Ready to share all that I know as a college graduate, retail enthusiast & experienced stylist.
We're gonna have a good time, I promise ;).

I'm vowing to remain consistent with blogging, creating content for my social media and bringing out all things lifestyle!
This monochromatic look is the first of many. My favorite part of Spring is bringing out all the light tones in my wardrobe.

Pants- Zara
Shoes- Zara
Earrings - SheIn


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