Friday, March 6, 2020

So 2020, This Is What I Need From You!

OK. Let's face facts, 2020? NOT CUTE. Can we say Happy New Year in like May or something? No? Ok fine. But see, here's the thing... I still have HIGH expectations of what this year will be for me, because #ideserve, duh! 

2020 WILL consist of major self care. When I say MAJOR, I mean MAJOR!

Every year, as many people do; I create a New Years' resolution. My list usually consists of my body, money, career, relationship goals ( common, I know but still valuable ;) ) Each year I find myself creating this redundant list. Mind you, the list consists of the same things from the year before. Which means, I never actually reach any of my goals. So I figured it was about time I tried something new. My 2020 dedication is pretty simple; CARING FOR THY SELF!. Yup! self-care. This may seem pretty simple, and I'm sure you're thinking "why do I need to dedicate an entire year to a nail appointment?".

Self-care to me goes beyond laid edges and a fresh acrylic set. I need mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance this year.
Maybe it's the Gemini in me, but I've always felt like one side of me was Beyonce. Focused, driven, ambitious and creative. While the other side is more of an Eeyore vibe. So my goal this year is to find my balance within the two. So I vow to be lazy when I deserve to be, ambitious, focused and creative every other time. Last year? hmm.. do we even need to talk about it? I mean not really, right? Because it wasn't the best and what's behind me shall remain there so GOOD RIDDANCE 2019, & HEYYYYYYY 2020.
So! To get this going and going good, I've made a list of pretty cool things that either resinate with the lifestyle that again #ideserve or that just really mean a lot to me and the consistency I want to create for ME. Here we go... I'm very excited to be sharing this journey with you.


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